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17 Feb Designing ERP Implementation

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Properly designing ERP Implementation is crucial.  Your ERP team uses identified business processes for implementation to build prototypes. This is the stage where they are choosing proper models, processes, inputs and outputs. It simply involves the business with immense users through its system elements. This concept has been around since 1990’s. The sole purpose of […]

04 Feb Software As a Service (SaaS)

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What is Software As a Service (Saas)? Similar to so many technology trends today – Software as a Service or SaaS has entered the realm of people and corporate world. It is confusing and sometimes easy to ignore. What is Software as a Service or SaaS? It is a method of software delivery where your […]

23 Jan Business Finance Software

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Efficiency Indicators of Business Finance Software  In today’s business environment, the dependency of business enterprises to information technology have massively increased. During the early stages of the computer generation, the concept of computers is merely for storage features, and the installation of a computer system was just an innovation concerns rather than due to necessity. […]

30 Sep Account Management Software

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The Best Account Management Software: Performance and Value Although the shift of business processes to the more information technology driven business processes have started decades ago, the trend and methodology never stopped improving since then. It is now common knowledge amongst businesses in order to thrive on today’s ultra competitive and high technology based business […]

04 May What is Cloud ERP?

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There has been a lot of buzz about new enterprise cloud software and how they greatly improve the productivity of any enterprise; ERP is one of them. So, what is cloud ERP? Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) system that is created to put together processes and their data […]

27 Sep Financial Analysts Weigh In On NetSuite

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NetSuite (NYSE: N), which is a provider of ERP/Financial /CRM/eCommerce software suite for small, medium and large businesses has seen its fortune rise as businesses rush to cut cost on IT infrastructure and bring in efficiencies. A number of investment analysts have started paying attention to the stock. Most have either upped their target price […]

18 Jul NetSuite Software: A Sign That SaaS Companies Are Immune From A Slump?

According to Patrick Walravens of JMP Securities, NetSuite Software [NYSE symbol: N], the SaaS providers of cloud based business financial software suite, crm and erp (enterprise resource planning) tools, is bucking the impending slump in technology spending. Wal ravens writes that he does not detect any issues of “higher approval levels, project delays or more […]