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Logo_FORCAM_400ERPtribe is a FORCAM Partner for MES and Shop Floor Management

ERPtribe is pleased to be a partner of FORCAM GmbH of Germany, an award winning leader in MES and shop floor management technology.

The FORCAM solution Factory Framework is the worldwide leading MES system. The technology was awarded with the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Award of 2006. FORCAM’s first customer, the engine plant Untertürkheim of the Daimler AG, was chosen as “Factory of the Year” in 2008 and 2009.

Web-based connectivity for various machine tools

The FORCAM technology Factory Framework connects, collects and designates real-time data of various computer-controlled types of machines. The signals deliver comparable web-based operating state modes of machines and facilities for each production stage (production, failure, set-up etc.).

Process Improvement at all levels becomes possible

Results are reliable and comparable performance data about lifecycle, speed and quality of the production of machines, systems and factories. Factory Framework can in addition connect the data from production (shop-floor) with the ERP corporate planning system, like order or resource guidelines (top floor). Thus the FORCAM solution enables an improvement at all stages of the production process. From the master to the manager: all people involved are enabled to optimize the productivity in their field of duty continuously – real Total Productive Management (TPM).

A World first: Complex Event Processing (CEP) with Live Cache

With the advent of release of V5.0 a completely new technology has been available from the beginning of 2011. FORCAM uses Complex Event Processing (CEP) with Live Cache, a technology for the real-time analysis of event-flows. CEP is an independent international field of research and is used successfully in the financial industry to perform real-time analysis of market data. FORCAM utilized and optimized Complex Event Processing (CEP) for the MES – Technology and connected it with a state-of-the-art approach.


  • Fast reaction with latencies in the millisecond field and a high flow rate (factor 100 higher than in previous product generations)
  • Rule-based approach enables flexible user-defined functions
  • Global use based on unified language code and centralized server architecture

Lean Management Philosophy

Factory Framework