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Strong in the Competition through Resource Efficiency

Resource effiency is the biggest factor in the continuously growing international competition. Especially increasing costs of raw materials and energy put a lot of pressure on the margins of corporations and small businesses. All possible measures in the corporation have to be used, to increase and sustain productivity.

Corporations need a continuous improvement process (CIP) at all stages, to meet the competition and cost pressure effectively. A CIP needs two things – effective processes and an effective production (Lean Manufacturing). Both, processes and production have to be interlinked optimally with the target on the resource efficiency.

Only he who is able to quickly detect mistakes, can optimize his productivity continuously and thus improve his competitiveness.

FORCAM delivers the leading technology for the CIP and Lean Manufacturing philosophy. The planning and control of a corporation (top floor) is optimized, because it can work with real-time data from a continuously improved production in the plant (shop floor).

Shop Floor Management Approach

Key Performance Indicator – This is What We Measure