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Optimize the Complete Facility Efficiency

OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The reference number (key performance indicator) used the most to measure the performance of a production is the OEE – the Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

  • It is the most important reference number to implement the SFM strategy
  • It is a measure for the “value added” to a facility
  • It visualizes, which machine and process losses are minimal

Availability, performance, quality

OEE is a simple but clever calculation which focuses on individual items of process or manufacturing equipment at a finite level and allows their ‘effectiveness’ to be measured individually or in groups (i.e. with other equipment items). The OEE calculation is based on the ratio of the three key production parameters. The complete facility efficiency can be identified and continuously improved as a baseline measurement.

  • Availability: How long did a facility produce?
  • Performance: How fast did the facility produce?
  • Quality: How well did the facility produce?