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Shop Floor Management Approach

Shop Floor Management (SFM) is a strategy to continuously improve the production process. The aim is to improve the availability of facilities by eliminating mistakes and wastage.

The 6 big sources of loss in the production after Nakajima Seiichii:

  1. System failures following a malfunction
  2. Set-up times
  3. Load operations and downtimes
  4. Reduced speed
  5. Loss in quality
  6. Starting loss

The solution: Transparency with FORCAM technology

The SFM approach coupled with the FORCAM technology creates especially one thing: transparency. It makes sure that in the end, a corporation is able to continuously improve its complete facility efficiency. With SFM everybody who is involved, from the floor shop worker to the top manager, is able to detect weak spots and realize saving potentials. This is achieved:

  • Objective performance analyses
  • Reduction of shut down and additional work times
  • Capacity increase
  • Quality improvement
  • Compliance with production scheduling